Hit the Road With Full Car Insurance Coverage

Find an auto insurance plan that meets your needs AND your budget

There are over 15,000 car accidents in the U.S. each day. While auto insurance is mandatory, that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore your options to find the best coverage. Contact The Zappa Agency today to get the best auto insurance for your budget in Owatonna, MN and all surrounding areas.

We have over two decades of experience helping our clients find the best car insurance for their needs. Call 507-451-9343 today to get covered for automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, fish houses and more.

Types of auto insurance coverage

When it comes to your car insurance, there are many different types of coverage to review. Your dedicated insurance agent will help you choose the right:

  • Liability coverage -these plans cover medical expenses, pain and suffering caused in an accident.
  • Property damage coverage -these plans cover damages to other people's property, such as parked cars, traffic signs and more.
  • Comprehensive coverage -these plans cover any damages caused outside of an accident. You can receive payouts for fire, theft, vandalism and more.

Policies may come with plenty of extras that are worth considering. Extra options include rental insurance, roadside assistance and accident forgiveness. Contact us today to see how you can raise your car insurance coverage without changing your budget in Owatonna, MN.